[Adastra] Natural environment: an invitation to shape the nature of England

CharlesRoper at sussexwt.org.uk CharlesRoper at sussexwt.org.uk
Mon Aug 9 12:22:58 BST 2010

Defra are conducting a 'national discussion' on shaping the future of
nature in England:

To have your say, probably the easiest thing to do is fill in this


There is also a discussion paper (on the Defra page linked to above) to
read and respond to if you have more in-depth points you'd like to talk
about. The idea is to get as much feedback as possible, so let as many
people as possible know about this, even those who don't necessarily
hang out in naturalists' circles: parish groups, community groups,
schools, Facebook friends and the like.

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but don't forget to mention
the importance of "evidence"; that is, data collection, management and
dissemination. The work of local record centres, local groups and local
naturalists goes largely unnoticed by the likes of Defra, so this is a
good opportunity to let them know about the work we all do in this
community, and how it can be better supported in future.

The white paper is going to be published Spring 2011, so don't hang


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