[Adastra] damselflies and butterflies

Steve stevep.savage at ntlworld.com
Sun Aug 1 15:54:18 BST 2010

Hi all


I have found a distinct lack of damselflies emerging from my garden pond
this year. It's normally quite usual to see 12 or more damselflies around
the pond at the same time. Mainly the large red damselflies.


This year there has only been the odd one or two at a time and only for a
while. I only actually witnessed three emerging this year - which is also
quite unusual.


I have only seen one two mating pairs and only one pair laying eggs in the
pond. It's quite normal to see three or four pairs laying eggs at one time
and this would go on for a month or more.


I was wondering if anyone else had noticed anything similar.


I have also observed far fewer large butterflies this year, only the
occasional peacock, red admiral and comma (no tortoiseshell yet). We do get
speckled wood, meadow brown, gate keeper and holly blue.


On the other hand it appears to be a good year for bumble bees and some
hoverfly species.


Steve Savage




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